Anabolic steroids in Sporting activities 

Steroids have become extremely popular in the sports whole world of today, what people need to understand is that these sports athletes are put under a great deal pressure that some of them feel like they have simply no choice but to make use of performance enhancing medicines such as Anabolic stero

by Felix Branch Saturday, May 14, 2011
Steroids have become extremely popular in the sports realm of today, what people need to comprehend is that these athletes are put under a great deal pressure that many of them feel like they have no choice but to utilize performance enhancing medications such as Anabolic steroids. People want to see faster, stronger and bigger sportsmen every year, they want to see world records damaged, and as sad as it might be, most of this is only possible through the use of Steroids.
There are many different kinds of Anabolic steroids available today, Dianabol and Winstrol are amongst the most popular for starters. Dianabol has been known to be very popular amongst athletes within sports where pounds and strength is the most important thing, such as sports and rugby. Whilst Winstrol has been used by many sportsmen that need to be faster such as sprinters.
Aren't is to blame for that use of Steroids in sports? The athletes or the spectators? This is often debated over and over again with no definite answer, the actual athletes only want to captivate the spectators and keep everyone interested in sport but that doesn’t give them the right to make use of illegal substances.
Bicyclists have also been under the highlight the past few years for using particular substances to better their own performance. It seems that Steroids are been used all around the world in just about all sports, even Football players have been broke using Anabolic Steroids.
There are many life threatening side effects associated with the use of Steroids such as liver damage, kidney failure, high blood pressure, heart problems etc… the list goes on and on. Several steroids are a whole lot worse than others such as oral steroids. Oral anabolic steroids are extremely hard on the particular body’s internal organs such as the elimination and liver, especially Dianabol and Winstrol, these 2 steroids have been chemically altered to bypass the particular liver without being divided. This chemical change has made Dianabol and Winstrol very dangerous to the liver organ. Some steroids have even been connected to liver cancer.
Anabolic steroids are being used by a lot of people, whether it be inside professional sports, school sports or the fitness centers and as the years go on more and more people seem to be using them. People need to realize just how dangerous they can be ultimately, you may not notice any kind of side effects right now however the worst effects simply start showing up many years later.
If you want to notice faster athletes every year that smash planet records you are very ignorant to think this is always achieved naturally and without the use of illegal steroids. Athletes today push their body’s to the limits and that is often not enough, people need more and more and be prepared to see it when they change the tv on to observe their favorite sports. Nobody would want to watch the particular Olympics if suddenly no world records were broken and all sorts of the athletes had been slower or weakened than the previous Olympics.

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