Invisalign’s 3D Technology Explained by Langley Braces Provider 

Langley braces expert Dr. Aly Kanani describes how Invisalign’s 3D imaging process operates.

by Aly  Kanani Tuesday, November 09, 2010
Langley, BC – “The feature that actually makes Invisalign possible is the process of 3D scanning and imaging – which we do in conjunction with Align Technology’s lab," explains Dr. Aly Kanani, a Langley braces specialist. “The concept of invisible braces wasn't really workable until 3D computer technology could provide the needed accuracy."

Using a series of 10-30 custom-made plastic aligners, the Invisalign system shifts a patient’s teeth into position. "The process necessitates fewer orthodontist appointments – and the aligners can be taken out for eating or teeth brushing," notes Dr. Kanani, a Langley orthodontics provider.

First, the clinical staff makes impressions and digital x-rays (including panoramic 360 degree and cephalometric side profile x-rays). "Align Technology labels this process the 'Invisalign 3D Imaging Smile Analysis,'" says Langley BC invisible braces expert, Dr. Kanani. "The Invisalign lab technicians employ the impressions and x-rays to fashion a physical replica of the patient's mouth."

After the replica is digitized, technicians make digital models, that can be aligned virtually, and a 3D animation, that demonstrates how a patient's teeth will shift. The orthodontist then reviews and revises the patient's personalized treatment plan. Following approval, the Invisalign laboratory uses the models to create precise, individualized aligners. "We show patients their 3D animations so they understand how their teeth will change over time," states Dr. Kanani, a Langley orthodontist.

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About Dr. Aly Kanani, Vancouver and Langley Certified Specialist in Orthodontics

Dr. Aly Kanani has a Bachelor of Science from McGill University and a Masters from the London School of Economics. He received his Doctor of Dental Medicine degree at the University of Pennsylvania – and graduated from the University of Detroit Mercy with a Masters of Science degree in Orthodontics and a Specialty Certification in Orthodontics.

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Dr. Aly Kanani practices orthodontics from his Vancouver, Surrey, and Langley practices. He is an Invisalign, braces, and Langley, BC invisible braces provider and the Vancouver orthodontics office are all recognized as Invisalign Premier Providers.

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