Some Ideas for Tax Reform 

by Public Interest Institute Monday, March 30, 2009
MOUNT PLEASANT, IA – The current economic recession brings an opportune time to discuss serious tax reform. In order to revive the economy, the best policy that the federal government can engage in is tax reform. Only stimulating the private sector, that is, keeping money in the hands of those who create jobs, will result in a fast recovery and creating jobs.

Kristina Rasmussen, Director of Government Affairs at National Taxpayers Union, recently wrote, “Ten Tax-Hike Threats in the 111th Congress,” which appeared in Human Events. “With the arrival of President Barack Obama at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue and strengthened Democrat majorities in the House and Senate, taxpayers will soon be facing a sea — some would say a tidal wave — of changes in tax policy,” wrote Rasmussen. Some of the possible tax-hikes include a repeal/expiration of the 2001 and 2003 tax cuts, windfall profits energy taxes, and an increase in the Federal excise tax on cigarettes and gasoline.

In addition to the possible tax increases that may occur in the 111th Congress, taxpayers will have to be ever watchful on the rise of government spending, especially with the passage of an $800 billion economic stimulus bill. The February 16, 2009 cover story of Newsweek may have set the agenda for the new administration. The Newsweek cover story read: “We are all socialists now: The perils and promise of the New Era of Big Government.”

Chris Edwards, Tax Policy Director at the CATO Institute, wrote in the 2009 Cato Handbook for Policymakers that “today, federal taxes account for about 18 percent of GDP, and federal tax laws and regulations span 67,506 pages…” As Congress considers legislation to handle the current economic crisis, they should focus on serious tax reform. Tax reform ideas such as the National Sales Tax and the Flat Tax deserve a fair discussion.

Americans should not be happy with the current move toward European style socialism and continual drift away from constitutional government. Achieving tax reform would be one policy option to reverse the current course. “A true successful economic policy must consist of following the constitutional limited government policies of cutting taxes, reducing government, and reducing the deficit,” said John Hendrickson, a Research Analyst with Public Interest Institute in Mt. Pleasant, Iowa.

Some Ideas for Tax Reform” from Public Interest Institute’s LIMITS, is available at

For an interview or more information on this issue, contact John Hendrickson, Public Interest Institute Research Analyst.

Public Interest Institute is a non-profit, non-partisan, public policy research organization located in Mount Pleasant, Iowa. The Institute promotes the importance of a free-enterprise economic system and limited government in society based upon individual freedom and liberty. Public Interest Institute believes that ideas have consequences, and involved individuals can make a difference. We challenge concerned citizens to become better informed about public policy issues.

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