Short Sale Safe Adds Q&A Option to Services 

It is good news for the people looking to buy or sell short sales. Now, they can get up-to-date information on short sale and the short sale market, provided by short sale safe via introducing a free Q&A section. Where user can send their questions and get answers in no time from experts.

by Jacob Bon Thursday, October 28, 2010
"A new resource is now available to people looking to buy or sell short sales. Short Sale Safe, a website dedicated to providing up-to-date information on short sales and the short sale market, has introduced a free Q&A section where users can send in their short sale questions and get answers from one of the website’s experts in no time.
Questions can cover anything about short sales, from buying and selling advice to more complex matters such as short sale law and bank policies. Short sale answers are provided by a team of experienced agents, brokers, lawyers, and real estate professionals, and are based on the latest data from government and professional sources.

The best part of the new service is that it’s free of charge, saving users the cost of consulting a short sale agent or attorney. By posting their short sale questions online and getting answers from real professionals, they also help other aspiring sellers and buyers who are dealing with similar issues.
A separate FAQ section lists some of the most commonly asked short sale questions, such as what is short sale, how a short sale works, how to get approved, and how to work with agents and lenders for faster approval. The answers are explained in clear, simple language, without the legal and professional jargon that tends to confuse the average user.
Short sales are a popular loss mitigation option allowing the sale of a home for less than the mortgage balance, and writing off the rest of the loan. Touted as one of the best ways to avoid foreclosure, they help struggling borrowers reduce credit damage allow lenders to curb their losses, and offer some of the best investment opportunities to buyers.

Interest in short sales has gone up a great deal in the past few months, as homeowners are increasingly affected by the economic crunch and find themselves struggling to keep their mortgage current. Falling home values have also made many ineligible for other solutions, such as refinancing and mortgage modification, due to insufficient or negative equity.

Short Sale Safe is a leading source of consumer information on short sales, targeting both buyers and sellers and offering realistic, unbiased advice. The new short sale question and answer section aims to further improve its services by allowing users to participate, at the same time addressing real-life issues that concern today’s buyers and sellers.

Other information resources on the site include a basic guide to short sales, short sale laws, and the short sale process, as well as a regularly updated news section where users can keep track of developments on short sale policy. There is also a free consultation service allowing users to talk directly to one of the site’s experts."

I am a short sale professional & have a good amount of knowledge in real estate industry. I love to be involved in healthy discussions related to real estate

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