GEWO TV Responds To The Recession By Offering Broadcast Alternatives For Faith-Based Organizations 

by Bill Sampson Sunday, March 22, 2009
Gods Eye World Outreach, Inc., a faith-based Internet TV broadcaster of Church sermons, Christian artists and business promotions over the Internet, is responding to the downturn in the economy by offering a free broadcast alternative.

Statistics show that many ministries that utilize the Internet, TV and radio, are feeling the effects of the economic situation by cutting back and even eliminating altogether their outreach programs. According to a recent article titled “Foreclosures Do not Spare the House of God” reports, “hundreds of churches across the country have received foreclosure notices in recent months, and even more are behind on mortgage payments. An economic downturn tends to increase church attendance, but the amount each churchgoer donates tends to decrease.”

GEWO, Inc. is the first internet broadcaster publically responding to this situation by offering an alternative for many ministries to keep broadcasting over the airways. The free offer is to keep the preached Word, by Christ centered ministries, broadcasting throughout the world because of it’s commitment to the Great Commission. “I said early in our ministry that we are not like others. Our mission is to expose the Word of God to the masses unlike some whose major concerns are profit driven," says the founder and CEO Bill Sampson.” More details about this offer can be obtained at

Our unique, multifunction, interactive Internet TV station, http://www.Godseyewo.TV, can be viewed from computers, wireless and mobile internet devices. Some of the unique features include viewing from a large screen platform with instant on-demand videos, text chat, pay-per-view and a live TV multifunction module with no special equipment needed except a high speed internet connection and Internet Explorer browser. The broadcast range outdistances Cable and Satellite TV due to the web portal which is presently being seen throughout the US and in over 194 countries.

GEWO, Inc. is a faith-based, massive exposure, media production company specializing in video production, ministry brand marketing, Christian artist promotion and advertising services. These services are performed through a dynamic website interconnected to a multifunction, interactive Internet TV station. The business model is to provide a one-stop-viewing, spiritual enrichment and Christian entertainment experience for both children and adults on the Internet that is safe and rich with moral content.

Gods Eye World Outreach, Inc. is a Media Production company that was born out of spiritual inspiration to create a new standard in faith-based ministry brand marketing. Consisting of a video production company, website and an interactive Internet TV station combination that utilize state-of-the-art technology to provide broadcast services for faith-based organizations, promotions and video advertising via the Internet. Media Contact: Gods Eye World Outreach, Inc. Bill Sampson 732-476-0788

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