Fraud Causes Unrest in the Arab Nations 

by Press Release Wednesday, May 11, 2011
It goes without saying that fraud is one of the underlying causes of the unrest in the Arab nations. The countries facing the most unrest are the ones with the most fraud and unethical behavior in their governments.

One of the underlying causes of the popular revolt in Egypt was the widespread reporting of irregularities in the election process in that nation. In Tunisia the unrest that touched off the wave of popular revolts across the Arab world was partially caused by reports of the corruption that surrounded former ruler Zine El Adibidine Ben Ali and his family.

The Wikileaks Factor

The website Wikileaks publicized cables that revealed Ben Ali and his family had diverted vast sums of money from the public treasury, engaged in shady business deals and lived in luxury. Meanwhile average Tunisians had a hard time finding jobs and opening businesses.

The fraud has angered many average people throughout the Arab world. This anger is made worse by the widespread lack of opportunity in many Arab countries. In Egypt the only jobs available to many people are menial ones in the tourist industry.

The internet has made it easier than ever for people to learn of their leaders’ wrongdoings. It has also made easier for people to learn of other nations where fraud and similar wrong doings are not tolerated.

Another factor in the frustration over fraud is religion. The corruption in many Arab governments runs counter the Islamic religion which many of those governments officially embrace. The so called leaders claim to be faithful but all the people see is their hypocrisy.

As knowledge of such fraud and corruption becomes more public expect to see more revolts of this nature. In particular look to see mass protests against activity spread to other regions including Europe and Latin America. The world has entered a new age in which people will not tolerate such behavior on the part of their leaders.

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