What The West Must Know About Islamic Law 


by Curt Harding Wednesday, March 18, 2009

(Nashville, Tenn.) Nonie Darwish was a virtual slave to Islamic law for the first thirty years of her life. Raised as a Muslim in the Gaza strip, she never questioned or challenged radical Islamic law – she never dared. “This is Allah’s Law,” she was told, and she knew what awaited those who questioned it.

In her latest book, Cruel and Usual Punishment (Thomas Nelson) Darwish continues her personal mission to warn the West, exposing efforts to force and enforce Sharia law on unsuspecting nations around the globe.

What is Sharia? “Its laws are based on the Qur’an and hadiths (reports of Muhammad’s words and actions outside of the Qur’an) as well as centuries of debate and interpretation,” says Darwish. “Sharia subscribes to punishments such as stoning, flogging, and amputation of limbs – cruel and unusual by any human standards.”

The threat is here now. Throughout the United States, Canada, and Europe, young Muslim women are targeted for violence, often by their own relatives. So-called “honor killings,” whereby a Muslim male family member, typically the father, murders his daughter in order to defend the family’s honor, is a growing problem.

Cruel and Usual Punishment details how many Muslim’s sacrifice their humanity, their rights, and even their lives in the service of archaic and brutal laws handed down from their prophet centuries ago. No one can afford to be ignorant. “It is very important that we separate the law of Islam from the religion of Islam,” writes Darwish. A religion doesn’t discriminate and torture and violate your rights.”

About the Author

Nonie Darwish lectures across the United States and has appeared on CNN, Fox, MSNBC, NPR, and Israeli TV. She has been published in the LondonTelegraph, Jerusalem Post, and New York Daily News.
Darwish is a frequent lecturer on college campuses including Harvard, Brown, Stanford, UCLA, and Georgetown.


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