Professional Tree Removal Available in Grand Rapids 

by Press Release Monday, May 09, 2011
Professional tree removal service is now available in the Grand Rapids area. Premiere Tree Services, one of the nation’s most experienced firms is now operating in Central Michigan.

Premiere specializes in removing trees of any size or species from any size of lot or yard. Its trained experts can clear a lot of vegetation for building or remove one dead or oversized elm from a yard. It can remove sick and pest infested trees that pose a threat to a property’s appearance and value.

In addition to cutting down trees and removing the trunks and branches, Premiere is also experienced at stump grinding. This means that it can look as if the tree was never there in the first place. Its experts can get rid any of elm or maple that is in the way of a building or remodeling project.

According to Premiere Tree Services of Grand Rapids, “Unlike many services, Premiere also has the equipment, trained personnel and expertise to clear entire lots for buildings. All of the roots, trunks and branches that can impede construction and work can quickly be removed.”

Premiere also specializes in 24 hour a day, seven day a week, emergency tree removal. Its experts can come out any time to get rid of a downed poplar that has become a safety hazard. Since they are on call they can come quickly.

More importantly, Premiere will always provide a free estimate before doing any work. This means a person can have prices available for insurance work and know what the work will cost before it begins.

Shrub removal is also available Premiere’s trained arborists have just as much experience removing shrubs as trees. As many homeowners find out getting rid of shrubs and bushes can be as hard, or harder than getting rid of trees. Shrubs can be a real impediment to construction work and excavation work.

It is definitely a good idea to call Premiere before starting any tree removal work. Safe removal of all species is their specialty.

In addition to Grand Rapids, Premiere’s crews are also available in Grandville, Wyoming, Hudsonville, Kentwood, Allendale and surrounding areas. Free estimates are available in all of these areas.

For more information,

contact Premiere Tree Services of Grand Rapids
3923 28th St. #107, Grand Rapids,
MI 49512, call (616) 965-2055
or visit

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