Nutrition Secrets for Better Vision 

by Wendy Evans Monday, May 09, 2011
Do you have problems reading this text without your contacts? Are you eager to learn what dietary changes you are able to make to preserve and improve your eyesight naturally?

The link between diet and eyesight has been a heavily discussed subject for the past 20 years. Since the number of visually impaired individuals is continuously increasing, the attention of public health pros and ophthalmologists is turning in the direction of finding natural paths to promote eye health and forestall, delay and possibly cure eye diseases.

Lately there was a major leap forward in understanding the ways in which some foods and nutritional habits influence vision. Many clinical trials showed that there's a strong connection between diet and vision. Eyesight disorders, that claimed to be the main reasons behind serious vision loss and blindness, can be prevented with several easy changes in food choices and dietary habits.

So, how one's eating habits can impact their eyesight? Here are some quick facts showing how eating habits are one of the leading causes of poor vision:

- A study of the National Eye Institute revealed age-related macular degeneration (AMD), cataract and diabetic retinopathy to be three of the top causes of serious vision impairment and blindness.

- Specific foods can delay the onset or slow down the progression of AMD, a vision disorder affecting over 9 million Americans and leading to serious vision impairment and permanent blindness.

- Our food selections have a key role in the onset of cataract, a primary cause of blindness impacting more than 20,000,000 people in the States.

- Quality and assortment of diet is explicitly linked to the right vision development in children, particularly in premature infants.

- Numerous nutrition deficiencies lead to serious vision impairment and irreversible blindness in grownups and children alike.

The base line is that eating the right foods while steering clear of foods threatening for eyesight is greatly advantageous for preserving vision health, retaining vision acuity and prevention in kids and adults.

The benefits of a diet protecting and promoting eyesight health also include overall health benefits like weight reduction, lower risks of heart problems, elevated blood pressure, diabetes, inflammation and obesity.

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