Tips for all players to use the Acekard 2i card 

The Acekard 2i is one of the most popular NDS/NDSi flashcard on the market which was released by the Acecard team.

by Hu xiaoke Monday, May 09, 2011
The Acekard 2i is one of the most popular NDS/NDSi flashcard on the market which was released by the Acecard team.The orignal card called Acekard 2,Acekard 2i is the updating card of the old one.The new features of this new card is that you don't need to any additional updating kernel,what you can do is to down load the latest Kernel from the offical site,then you can use the Acekard 2i card on 3DS,however the orignal one doesn't have this function.And from the features of the two cards both of them can be used on DS/NDS,and what's more,the new Acekcard 2i card is fully backwards compatible and works on the DSi XL, DSi V1.4.1, DSL, iDSL, DS , iDS and 3DS.This is the bigest difference! We recommend you to get the Ak2i card rather than the Ak2 if you have a NDS/DS Lite, because you don't have to replace it later if you update to a Nintendo DSi.Acekard 2i supports SDHC and offer unlimited space for you,it also supports any brand of MicroSD card without slowing down the speed of MicroSD card.Now i will show you how to use this Ak2i card,please follow my steps.

First, you need the following things!
1.Nintendo 3DS console
2.Acekard 2i flashcard
3. 2G micro SD card
4. A Card Reader

Then,everything is ready,what you need is to insert the ak2i card into a card reader then connect the card reader with the computer.Opend the acekard offical site,to download the newest kernel AKAIO 1.8.6.Next Unzip the file, and you will get the kernel folder.Copy the all files into your acekard 2i folder,and take down the card reader.

The third step:Openning your 3DS console without a acekard 2i inside,and you can see the picture.

The fourth step:Inserting the Acekard 2i into the 3DS console.Starting your 3DS console,and you can see the change compared with the picture without an acekard inside.

Step 5:Login the acekard,then you can find a game list,latter choose your favourite game and play it.

Well,my guide for using the Acekard 2i is over?I am sure you all have understand how to use the acekard 2i now,it is easy to use.At last will all players can enjoy the time when play games with Nintendo 3DS conslole.Have a good time!!

welcome wii players sharing game experience with me here.

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