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by Sanjay Joshi Sunday, May 08, 2011
Speaking about success, the great youthful saint, Swami Vivekananda, once quoted –“Take up an idea, make that one idea your life, think of it, dream of it, live on it; This will lead you to the path of success”. SRE Global Infotech one of the major Search Engine Optimization service providers in India, has made this quote their mantra of success. Step by step, each one after another this apt competent group is ascending the stairs of success. One idea, one goal with endless opportunities and endless possibilities has made them stand ahead of others as a professional, ethical and trustworthy SEO service provider with guaranteed service. In this age of highly volatile search engine positions this portal is offering a full proof guaranteed results with ethical optimization solutions. Not only SEO services, this portal extends its expertise with maintenance services for different commercial web portals and e-commerce websites. is one of the diverse classified web portals that have been evolved so far pertaining to the core need of Indian audience and web users. This versatile classified portal surpasses other similar themed WebPages with its dynamism and professionalism. This classified portal appertain every apposite need of Indian web searchers who finds it a bit cumbersome to search for their classified information on the traditional yellow pages. With this portal’s zeroing ability for city specific classified information and category specific search, this portal, though newly published, still entertains the visitors with profuse and appropriate information. Users get a chance to make new friends with the locally available most demanded information related to their fields of interest with easy-to-use navigation and information search. This is the reason this portal is gaining rapid popularity among the web users in India.

With a freshly declared joint venture now these two industry majors have joined hands together to make some new difference to the web world. SRE Global Infotech has extended partnership with with a joint venture on catering the information needs of general populace from across India. The country has witnessed a fresh breakthrough to the global classified information search with this bold adventure. Speaking about this new venture, a spokesperson from SRE Global Infotech articulates, -“There is a pertinent need for classified information within Indian web community.

People are now relying on the World Wide Web for every bit of information. In India there is a high demand to such services and this apt demand requires dedicated and versatile information with plethora of classified ads. People are not really keen to turn pages of yellow pages to find their requisite information rather they prefer to click through the classified sections of prominent web solutions. With our expertise in SEO and SEM, we will provide composite care and solution to maintain this web portal among the top choices of Indians for their pertaining search of classified information.”

With the announcement of this new venture India List Classified can get a new branding of web solution being among the favored destinations for classified information search. The SEO expertise of SRE Global Infotech will take necessary steps to move India List Classified among the top of the search engine result pages so as to make them popular and provide them a global exposure. This venture will bring many successes and help the customers to get along with a competent web portal for all requirements of classified information search. To know more about this venture, visit today at

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