Achieving the Perfect Golf Swing 

by Robert Key Saturday, May 07, 2011
Achieving the perfect golf swing is probably the ultimate goal or dream of a hobbyist or a pro golf player. The key to achieve success in this game is self-confidence and reliance in skills and abilities. To become an excellent golfer constant practice is a must. Honing swinging skills is the first step in mastering this sport.

Body types can also affect the over-all performance. Golfers should also work on their physical features and body mass. In order to acquire the perfect golf swing, the person must adapt on his hand grip and foot work. how to swing a golf club? It’s quite difficult for beginners to do this; however, it can be honed if properly directed. Beginners and pro golfers need to warm up before playing to their golf matches. They normally avoid distractions within their surroundings. It is due to the fact that stress and tension affects their concentration.

PGA tournament is considered to be the pinnacle of professional golf in the world. A lot of golfers aspire of joining this league. However, they need to hone their skills first. Take heed of the Tiger Woods’ golf swing, Tiger Woods, himself, tried to master this technique for many years.


Swing golf clubs, with or without the ball is the easiest way to warm up before the match. Elevate the training by starting with the shortest club to the longest one. Club choices are very important in the process. Once the perfect golf swing is mastered, everything will come automatically. Observe how professional do their swings, check how they exert power while correcting their grips.

Just like in baseball, the perfect pitch or swing is as important in the game of golf. The perfect golf grip is utilized in both hands and arms but force is also exerted in legs and torso. The muscles in torso and legs are much efficient than those of arms. To release the perfect golf swing, the golfer must capitalize in all these essential muscles.
Learning the perfect golf swing mechanics takes several practices and trials. Remember that there is also a downside on too much power exerted. The harder the swing is, the more inconsistent the results are. To counteract this problem, the golfer must master his physical stance and balance. As previously mentioned, the golfer’s weight is a factor that affects his swing and tension.

Preferably, the foot tension to perfect a golf swing is 40% front and 60% at the back. However, this setup is good only in certain conditions. Weight should transfer correctly from the back to the front foot to execute an efficient pitch. Through this, every shot will cover a great distance with perfect accuracy.

An amateur golfer can also study perfect golf swing pictures seen in many golf-related websites. Check the foot work and hand grips of these professional golfers. Achieving the perfect golf swing is not as easy as other thinks. It entails effort, disciple and practice to accomplish the perfect golf swing!

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