40 Year Old Computer Geek Set To Participate In the Toughest Event on the Planet 

by Robert Key Friday, May 06, 2011
Some men are born to greatness, some have it thrust upon them, and on June 25, 2011, Roderick Meadows of http://roderickmeadows.com will be thrown into it head first. The retired Master Sergeant and Information Technology Manager is joining the 190th Kansas Air National Guard in the Tough Mudder event to benefit the Wounded Warrior Project.

“I am not sure this is a good idea seeing that I just turned 40 and I am not in the best shape right now, but what the hell, it is for a terrific cause,” said Meadows.

The event takes place on Saturday and Sunday, June 25-26, 2011, in Beaver Creek, Colorado, and pits participants from all over the nation against a grueling obstacle course designed by the British Special Forces. The tough mudder course is eight miles long and features 24 obstacles, which includes 12-foot walls and electrified fencing, along with log carries through freezing mud. The event has no time limit. The focus is on completing the course through teamwork and aiding others in finishing.

The event incorporates various aspects of the surrounding terrain into the obstacle course and approximately 20 percent of all participants don’t complete the event. For an added level of difficulty, the Tough Mudder contest will be held at an elevation of 8,100 feet. Meadows is from Kansas City, elevation 1,026 feet. The entrance to the course is clearly marked: “Remember, you signed a death waiver.”

Known as the toughest event on the plant, Meadows will be part of the 190th Kansas Air National Guard team, also known as the Coyote Mudders, for the duration of the endurance competition. The Coyote Mudders have pledged to raise $10,000 that will benefit the Wounded Warrior Project, of which the Tough Mudder contest is a sponsor.

The Wounded Warrior Project is a non-profit, nonpartisan organization that works to help those who have been wounded in service to their country. The organization helps injured soldiers adjust and overcome obstacles related to their injuries. Higher education programs, technology training and employment services are offered to economically empower wounded soldiers and aid them in following their dreams. Adaptive sports, health, nutrition and recreational activities help them achieve independence, and the group ensures injured service members stay connected with one another.

Spectator tickets are available for the tough mudder event, but for those who are unable to attend, Meadows has established a website where caring individuals can contribute to the Wounded Warrior Project on a secure website. The contribution must be made through Meadows’ website to register as part of the Coyote Mudders’ donation pledge. Donations are tax deductible and any amount is greatly appreciated.

The Tough Mudder event allows participants to test themselves against local terrain, the elements and manmade obstacles. On a larger scale, the Tough Mudder competition pays homage to men and women of the military who have been wounded while serving their country through the services of the Wounded Warrior Project. Greatness comes in many forms, and the tough mudder event is a way of giving back to a community of soldiers that willingly put themselves in harm’s way so others don’t have to.

For more information about the Tough Mudder event and the Wounded Warrior Project, visit Meadows’ website at http://roderickmeadows.com/tough-mudder.

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