Oilpainting techniques –increase your quality of painting 

by Layla Kent Thursday, May 05, 2011
Painting is an art that entices many people, especially the kids. Oil painting is one of the most popular forms of painting as such work of art looks amazing in terms of depth and feel. If you are interested to learn oilpainting techniques, then you can find several professionals offering such courses. However, you might not have that much time to get training under a professional and in such a situation, you can refer to some online sites that provide excellent oil painting technique tips. You can learn about the vital secrets without any need to step out of your home. Gradually, you will find that your skills are getting polished with continuous practice.

Here are some brief outlines on effective oilpainting techniques that will help you to increase the quality of your work:

Palette is an essential gear for painting. It is a handy tool that comes with several counters which need to be filled with different colors. You need to make sure that you always put same color in a particular place. Suppose, you put red in one place, yellow in another, green in another…like this. This will help you to search for the right color by instinct, rather than searching for different colors every time. It might not be a direct oil painting technique, but it is definitely a basic step that adds up to the convenience while painting, which is essential to let your creativity flow.

You need to find the right medium to get that perfect effect you want on your painting. An important oil painting technique is to make sure that the under-layers of your painting dries before the top layer. Otherwise, you will find cracks on your painting, which will be quite frustrating. You can choose linseed oil as your medium, but keep in mind that this oil leaves a certain yellowing effect. In case of dark colors, you may not notice any difference, but when you use white or blue, it may matter. For such colors, poppy oil might be the right medium, but it can take longer to dry up.

The oilpainting techniques must include tips about faster or slower drying. In some cases, you may want to make your painting dry fast and for that there are some pigments that can help. Pigments include manganese and lead particles that lead to quick drying. However, things can go other way round and you may require a certain portion of your painting not to dry very fast. You may wish to add more details to that area before the initial layer dries up. An ideal oil painting technique in such a situation would be not to use pigments.

Most important technique for oil painting is to select right set of brushes. Make sure you get the right styles and sizes of the brushes so that you can bring those perfect effects on the canvas.

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