One Stop Motors Uncovers Scam Online 

New used car scams discovered by One Stop Motors rip off unsuspecting consumers attempting to buy a used car online.

by Stacey Berlin Monday, May 02, 2011
One Stop Motors has uncovered a dangerous car buying scam that could have online car buyers seeing red instead of saving green. Cleverly disguised con artists are posing as consumers desperate to sell a car at a very cheap price due to supposed unfortunate circumstances in their lives. The end result is that the consumer attempting to buy the car online is left with no keys or money in their pocket.

In today’s world, online car buying scams are a dime-a-dozen. As technology eludes law, more and more consumers are finding themselves conned by a clever scam with no legal recourse to justify the situation. One Stop Motors has uncovered many of these car buying scams and posts them all on their website, .

The latest scam to hit the Internet involves overseas sellers desperate to sell their vehicles at any price, even willing to pay for delivery to the US, to unsuspecting buyers. The scam seems legitimate as the seller even provides an ‘eBay payment service’ backed by an ‘eBay protection plan’. Almost sounds trust worthy when the term ‘eBay’ is thrown around, but the scam here is that there is no such thing as an eBay payment service or protection plan for any vehicle not sold through eBay.

Some scam artists are even presenting buyers with real VIN numbers of a vehicles from a Carfax® report. The scam here is that the VIN numbers are just lifted off of the Internet so when the buyer searches, he will find the supposed car for sale with a clean report.

One Stop Motors
says to avoid car buying scams, only use a reputable dealer, whether online or offline, even if it means forking over a few extra bucks. In the long run, there’s no plus side of saving a little green if you only end up seeing red.

To buy or sell a car online the safe way, visit

About One Stop Motors
One Stop Motors specializes in the sale of used cars online. The company offers value added tools such as shipping, financing, extended warranties, insurance, marketing and advertising support for sellers and fraud protection for buyers.

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