There are 2 DS/DS Lite Guitars which can bring you fun 

Here is 2 kinds of Guitars which can be used in DS/DS Lite consoles,i am sure,if you have once want to be a star,this 2 items can realize your dream.

by Hu xiaoke Thursday, April 28, 2011
When we are young,we often dream to become a policeman,a teacher,a scientist,a salesman...and i am quite sure,many of us want to be a singer or dancer,and become famous some day.However when we are grow up,we now find that,the dreams in our childhood can not completely achieve,most people are ordinary people,to be a teacher or a salesman is eazy to realise,but it is difficult to be a super star.And now there is a good news for all audalts who have ever dreamed to become a super star.Along with the development of the new era,games are around our life,especially Nintendo Game industry was more and more popular,because the games could bring us happiness.Wii game was releasing several years ago,and during this years thre are more and more wii accessories which can make the orginal unique games more colorful.Here is 2 kinds of Guitars which can be used in DS/DS Lite consoles,i am sure,if you have once want to be a star,this 2 items can realize your dream.

The first one is Guitar Grip Controller Hero on Tour for Nintendo DSL/DS Lite:This Guitar Grip hero on tour was for NINTENDO DS NDS LITE NDSL.The Guitar Grip has four color buttons,the Nintendo DSL Guitar Grip is attachment never be on the way of the console's work and getting in other accessories.It is convenient and easy to use. only need to insert the plug into the DS Lite Console.This Guitar Hero Grip for NDSL with wrist strap to avoid falling down from your hand, and offer your hands more comfort.When it is working, you can manage the tone by pressing the green, red, yellow or blue button.When you use it, you can adjust the operation mode, hand to control, volume, speed, sensing rage, echo, etc.. to chosse the most appropriate method to play.

The main Features of this item which can help you know more.

1.4 color buttons
2.Single player/Multiplayer modes
3.With this controller, you can rock anywhere anytime
4.Light weight,Great feeling
5.100% Brand New

The other guitar is Genuine Brand Hero Guitar Controller for DSL/DS Lite:The Genuine Brand Hero Guitar Controller was for DSL/DS Lite, it is full band experience with guitar, drums, and vocals on the DSL.Players can play any combination of in-game instruments in multiplayer mode.Download fan requests from Band Hero on Wii to get all new challenges, cool rewards, and exclusive unlockables.You also can use the Rockstar Editor to customize your entire band with hundreds of rocker parts and accessories.Earn more than 200 different awards that will unlock titles, in-game cash, and parts to use in the Rockstar Editor.

After you have read the details of this DS/DS Lite Guitar,do you feel exciting?And want to have a try?May everyone who has dreamed to be a star can gain a aming feelings and have a good time!!

welcome wii players sharing game experience with me here.

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