Fun family activity: create t shirts at home. 

by Layla Kent Wednesday, April 27, 2011
If you are just spending the weekend lounging at home with the kids and you have nothing to do, then you may want to try to create t shirts for you and your family. Making custom t shirts at home is very easy and, not to mention, inexpensive. Everything that you will need, you can find at your home. You will need your printer for this project. Aside from these, you will need some scissors, an iron and a scanner for old photographs you may want to put into your shirts. Here is a fun activity you can do with your kids for some family bonding time.

First, make sure that you have all of the materials ready. Have your kids help in gathering everything that you need to create t shirts. You can make it a fun activity for them by letting them raid their closets to choose which shirts they want to customize. After all of these are done, find a place where you can do your activity. Make sure that there are no breakable things within the area as this can be dangerous for your children. An activity or playroom will be a perfect place for you and your kids to conduct your custom t shirt activity.

Next up, you need to scan the photos that you want to imprint into your t-shirts. It can be a family picture or the picture of you kids. After scanning them, print them using a Transfer Paper. You can easily purchase these kinds of paper at your local convenience or grocery store. Print copies. One will serve as your test copy. If all goes well, you can also use this to create t shirts for you. If not, then modify and change what needs to be changed. After you have chosen the right photo for your custom t shirts, cut out the printed photo and discard the excess transfer paper.

You then have to get the shirt that you want modified and place the chosen picture the way you want it to look after ironing. For starters and for your kids, you can choose to have it placed first in the middle just for illustration purposes. The subsequent shirts can then have any design or layout they would want. Mark the position you prefer with a pencil. Next, turn the iron on and leave it until it heats enough. To create t shirts, place the plain shirt you have chosen on a hard surface with the marked spot facing you. Make sure there are no wrinkles in the way you laid out the shirt before proceeding.

Place the picture you have printed out in the shirt, with the printed side facing down. Place the iron firmly on top of it for about 15 seconds. Work in a circular motion starting from the middle of the picture going all the way out. If you have heated the paper enough, check if the transfer has been made. If it has, then have your kids try this part too. The finished product should have the entire printed picture transfer into the custom t shirt you have chosen. This is a relatively easy and fun activity that you and your kids will definitely enjoy.

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