Greensboro Tree Services Offers Advice When Trees Get Too Big 

by Press Release Tuesday, April 26, 2011
Many people may not believe it but it is entirely possible for a tree to get too big. Premiere Tree Services of Greensboro informs that there are quite a few species of trees that can grow too big for a piece of property and cause a wide variety of problems.

The branches from a really big oak can easily grow right into a building such as a house and damage it. If the branches grow over the roof of a building they can cause real damage if they fall off. A big tree can also block out the sunlight from windows and solar panels.

If that wasn’t bad enough tree branches can grow right into the power lines. This can cause power outages and the electric company can come out and cut down trees growing into power lines. It can also charge property owners for the removal of such trees.

Experts of Premiere Tree Services of Greensboro also say that another problem that a bigger tree can create is that its roots can grow into sewer lines, water lines and septic systems. This damage can cost thousands of dollars to repair because the homeowner will probably have to hire an excavator with backhoes and other machines to dig up the lines.

Very big trees are more likely to fall over in the wind and do thousands of dollars worth of damage when they fall. Large trees can also get big enough to damage a house by simply growing into it. They can also destroy or damage driveways, patios and sidewalks.

Large Tree Removal

Not surprisingly large trees sometimes have to be removed. Unfortunately this can be a very trick and dangerous procedure for a variety of reasons. A person who does not know what he or she is doing can easily cause such a tree to fall on property and damage or destroy it.

It can also be very hard to dispose of the wood from a large dead tree. Many garbage companies and local governments won’t haul such a trunk away so a special service has to be called to remove it.

This means that people that haven’t had much experience cutting trees should definitely consider hiring a professional service to get rid of trees that are too big.

For more information, contact Premiere Tree Services of Greensboro at 4642 West Market Street, #161
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Premiere Tree Services of Greensboro
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Phone: (336) 937-9092

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