Asiabizservices Provides Singapore Work Visa Application Services 

by Willey Lacson Monday, April 25, 2011
Investors and employment seekers from across the borders may stay in Singapore and work. Pursuant to the rules formulated by the Ministry of Manpower, applicants may apply for an Entrepreneur pass, Employment pass, Personalized Employment pass, or S pass.

“A work visa exclusive for businessmen is the Entrepreneur pass,” says Asiabiz, “this visa prohibits the holder from seeking any employment from another company, except the one in which he’s part of the owners.”

It adds: “The businessman pursuing an Entrepreneur pass has given more importance to entrepreneurial experience than completion a tertiary level of education. It is also sought first before the company is registered.”

Asiabiz is a specialist assisting companies and professionals in their needs. It handles company incorporation and processing of work visas among others.

“To apply for an Entrepreneur pass, the applicant must prepare a 10-page business proposal, entrepreneurial in nature and highlighting the business goals, specifying the product and services, and the marketing strategies through which the Total Business Spending should be satisfied,” quips Asiabiz.

Asiabiz assists foreign investors in drafting the business proposal.

There shall also be curriculum vitae detailing the applicant’s entrepreneurial prowess.

Moving on, for foreigners who have completed their tertiary level of education, the work visas such as the Singapore Employment pass, Personalized Employment pass, and S pass are sought.

“Investors and employment seekers who have earned their Bachelor Degree and higher may apply for an Employment pass,” chimes Asiabiz, “the salary earned monthly determines the type of Employment pass given.”

The Q1 is given when the monthly salary is S$2,800, and P2 is sought when S$4000 is received monthly, and P1 is deserved when the holder earns S$8,000 monthly.

Investors who are qualified for an Employment pass should first incorporate a company before the work visa is applied with the Ministry of Manpower. Employing companies on the other hand, shall apply the Singapore work visa for their foreign employees.

Meanwhile, the Personalized Employment pass is not tied up to any company in Singapore.

“With PEP, the holder can change employment at any time without having the need to revoke and re-apply a new labor pass,” assures Asiabiz, “it also affords the holder 6 months of being unemployed in Singapore.”

The Specialist pass or S is also issued to foreign professionals. However, in this labor pass, the Ministry of Manpower uses the point system.

“More often, the applicant falls short of the salary requirement to qualify for a Q1 pass. The S pass is required to have a monthly income of S$2000,” Asiabiz says in conclusion.

For more information, visit:
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Asiabiz Services is a business solutions and processes provider based in Singapore. It reaches out to companies, employees, and individuals in all their business needs and requirements.

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