Make “Going Green’ Your Health Care Goal for Earth Day 2011! 

by Robert Key Saturday, April 23, 2011
In the last couple of years, “Going Green” has become a buzz word on almost everyone’s lips, but despite the increased awareness worldwide, the march to becoming totally green has received more lip service than actions, according to award winning chiropractor and author, Dr. Tom Potisk.

He continues to believe that “Going Green” as it relates to health care is “long overdue” and renewed energy and enthusiasm must be brought to bear on the matter on Earth Day 2011.

Traditionally, the worldwide green movement involves the manufacturing, energy, and transportation industries. But according to Dr. Potisk, Earth Day 2011 offers various opportunities for everyone to do our part in helping the environment. “An innovative method everyone can easily administer,” he noted, “is to clean-up, especially long term, by choosing holistic health care.”

Drawing reference to a New York Times article, Coverage of Green Issues Becomes More Specialized, which claimed the media has become bored with the typical green movement, Dr. Potisk argued in defense that there was “‘an elephant in the room’ that needs recognition when it comes to safe guarding our environment. It’s the mega-polluting medical/pharmaceutical industry.”

Dr. Potisk, author of the new holistic health self-help book Whole Health Healing: The Budget Friendly Natural Wellness Bible for All Age, further noted that each year dozens of reports are spewed out detailing the potential dangers that our people are open to every day. Such medical abuses that poses danger to our health and wellbeing, he said, include used syringes being washed up on beaches, the exposure to potentially dangerous drugs like anti-biotic residues, human hormones (such as estrogen) being discovered in most water supplies (expelled in human waste), plus the tons and tons of toxins produced by pharmaceutical conglomerates.

So, the question begs itself: “How does one go green with their healthcare?”

Dr. Potisk offers an answer: “Amazingly, this destruction of our environment can be greatly decreased if not stopped by a few simple lifestyle changes.”

Dr. Potisk, known to his patients and readers as ‘The Down to Earth Doctor’ due to his easy-going conversational teaching ability, explains further that “anytime one who uses holistic health methods, even if it’s just choosing organic foods or exercising regularly, has a far greater chance of decreasing their potential need for medical and pharmaceutical care.”

He also pointed to one’s choice of holistic providers can go a far way in helping you achieve your “go green” objectives. “For example Chiropractic health professionals do not use syringes, pharmaceuticals, nor do they produce any hazardous wastes.”

Chiropractic is a hands-on health care practice of analyzing and adjusting the spine for misalignments that can cause nerve pinching or pressure. Chiropractors have been enhancing the health of millions in this safe, cost-effective and environmentally friendly way since 1895.

“It’s a natural way to good health,” added Dr. Potisk who was recently made headlines in Milwaukee media.
If you’d like to ready further about Dr. Potisk’s approach to going totally green with your health care, he invites you read his full article about going green with health care at

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