Do Underdog Sports Picks Offer Better Value? 

by Layla Kent Thursday, April 21, 2011
There is this common thinking in sports betting that when you are looking forward to your first few bets in the game and in the process of selecting sports picks, the best move is to go for the favorites. This is a common thinking and practice in the game. And don’t be surprised to find many bettors and gamers that are focusing much of their time on the chances of the favorites. Of course, who can argue with favorites? Whether for basketball or for baseball picks, the bandwagon seems to be on the favorites. But did you know that if you rationalize the bets and check the possible winnings; you will learn that betting on the underdog may seem like a good idea and investment in the long run. This is especially true for the game of baseball; the best sports picks here are those made on the underdogs and not on the favorites. Betting on the baseball picks that are considered as underdogs for the year is equally important in baseball where even the best teams can lose as many as 70 games per season.

In order to take advantage of betting and the baseball picks, the key for any responsible bettor is to check if the price placed on the favorite offers the best value. And you can check out on the returns of the underdogs and the favorites by looking at how the typical bets in baseball are made. Just take for example the money line type of betting in baseball. For this betting type, the figure is based on the $100 bet. For example for two baseball teams, Team A and Team B where Team A is listed as the favorite with -140 and the Team B is listed as the underdog with +120.

If you happen to put your money on the favorite, then you should place $140 on the team and if this team wins then you will get $240. Under this kind of setup and bet on the favorite, you will earn $100. How about if you put your money on the underdog? If this is your choice then you need to wage $100 and when it wins then you will get $220 for a profit of $120. Using the money line model of betting in baseball then you can easily say that the underdog did offer a good amount of return to you than the favorite.

There is another way of propping up the belief that the best investments are on the underdogs. For example there is this study that was conducted for 2010 by one betting website. Based on their data, the $100 bettors that placed their wager on all sports picks that are underdogs for last year may have lost $1,101.08. And for the $100 bettors that placed their faith on the favorites, they lost almost $5,046.33. This is still open for debate and questions, that’s for sure. But what cannot be denied is that in sports betting and baseball picks, sometimes the best sports picks are made on the underdogs.

Resource Box: If you are looking for the best bet with your sports picks a good move is to put your money on the underdogs. Established bettors know the value of the baseball picks for underdogs, and you can take advantage of that as well.

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