LA Tree Services Teaches Residents To Fertilize Trees 

by Press Release Sunday, April 17, 2011
Like most plants, trees will occasionally need fertilizing. As Premiere Tree Services of Los Angeles explains, however, fertilizing a tree is very different than fertilizing other plants.

When to Fertilize Your Trees

Generally, only sickly trees or young trees will need fertilizer. A healthy, fully grown tree probably won’t need fertilizer. Trees afflicted with some kinds of blight sometimes recover if they are fertilized properly. Anytime a tree is moved and replanted it probably needs to be fertilized for awhile. Some species of trees such as chestnuts may also need an occasional jolt of fertilizer for their health.

Some experts at the Los Angeles, CA tree company also recommend that you fertilize your trees every spring right before growing season starts. Others recommend that trees be fertilized every time there is a drought.

How to Fertilize Your Trees

The best method of fertilizing your trees is to use a hose attached root feeder because this gets the fertilizer right down to the roots. The tree feeds through the roots so this is the best method of getting it the nutrients it needs. Spreading fertilizer on the ground generally doesn’t work because it does not reach the trees.

The root feeder is a metal stake through which water is pumped. It is pushed right down into the soil next to the tree. A hose is then attached and this pushes liquid fertilizer through the device to the roots. This method helps trees after a draught because it also gives them plenty of water.

When you do use the root feeder you should follow the instructions that come with the fertilizer. This should you how much you should use. The tree service experts in Los Angeles recommend you use the feeder in the evening or morning to prevent evaporation.

In some cases you can also spray fertilizer on trees. This method could be better with bushes or seedlings. There are also some fertilizers that are designed to be sprayed on trees.

Which Fertilizer to Use

It is usually best to consult a tree expert to determine which fertilizer you need to use. A professional arborist can tell you this. You can contact such individuals through the US Forest service, state universities and professional tree services.

For more information, contact Premiere Tree Services of Los Angeles at 11301 W. Olympic Boulevard, Suite 717, Los Angeles, CA 90064, or call (323) 601-5103, or visit

Premiere Tree Services of Los Angeles
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